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Media Studies @ WV Wesleyan

In a competitive media field, how does one separate themselves from the rest of the pack? Build value in yourself. Get experience. Deconstruct the media. Reconstruct it. Then, apply what you have learned.  Understand how the media logically and emotionally direct those whom consume it.

What are the effects of the media on all of us? How do you create it in all of its variations in the most effective ways? Will you entertain with it? Persuade? Perhaps you’ll change the world with mediated messages made available in video broadcast, or radio broadcast, or print, and the convergence of all of them through digital platforms such as smart TVs, smartphones and all of the “smart” gadgets still waiting on the horizon.

That's what  a Wesleyan degree in Media Studies is all about!

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The study of the media is very exciting simply because you can’t get away from it. It’s all around you. It’s probably in your hand or in your back pocket right now. And its influence in the world is phenomenal.

With a media studies degree from WV Wesleyan you’ll gain hands-on experience through our curriculum that engages you in multiple media channels that include:

Media involvement in your life is unescapable. Our society is only beginning to understand the influences of mass social networking, new media distribution channels, and the global ramifications of this saturated media world. You need to be literate in these influences. Step back and ask why. Critically analyze the meaning behind the messages. Gender, race and ethnicity, age, and politics (among others) are all at play. There are theories with which we can refer. Know how you are influenced and you'll know how to influence.
As as DJ for our student led FCC-licensed radio station, you will:
  • Understand the operational methods and regulations of C-92 FM by creating, producing and airing a radio show from the C-92 studio on a weekly basis,
  • Understand the proper use of radio studio hardware and software, and practice proper radio voice delivery,
  • Perform as a responsible and ethical representative of C-92 FM,
  • Understand and practice FCC Regulations, particularly as they apply to the non-commercial educational licensing of C-92,
  • Learn or reinforce the following skills: Use of audio editing software, conversion of audio files, creation of a voice file, recording a show.
In COMM235, you' ll learn field techniques that center on video message and image design, mastery of the camera and location shooting, lighting and sound production, and post-production including non-linear editing techniques in Final Cut. Students produce commercials, public service announcements, instructional videos, or broadcast news packages as milestones.

You'll continue refining your video production skills inside the controlled environment of the media studio in COMM335 and you will be required to complete a full semester practical experience inside the studio in your senior year where you will become a part of the media studio leadership.

Experiences with print production include learning and refining journalistic writing in COMM235, and opportunities to apply news writing skills by getting on board The Pharos college newspaper staff.

In the Publication Design class you'll practice and produce materials with the premiere software environment Adobe InDesign. The class will also necessitate an understanding, application and analysis of basic principles associated with print design and you'll be challenged to engage computer software in the pursuit of creative design decisions.

Getting Involved in Our Student Directed Media Teams is Required