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Call for students interested in Building a New Media Studies Program

Developed from a renovated space located right next to our broadcast radio station, Media Studio construction ended in the summer of 2015. With central AC, green tech LED lighting, and acoustical wall coverings, the media studio houses a manager’s office, equipment storage and a control and post-production room along with the studio space. The media studio also serves as the central location for the management of Wesleyan’s educational access cable station right from the manager’s office.

In the fall of 2015, equipment started rolling in and continues to be augmented into 2016. Technology and furnishings were selected with two priority considerations: the technology should not only be current but should remain standard for the coming years, considering how fast audio-visual technology changes; and the equipment should be user-friendly enough that students with only novice understanding of the technology could learn to become better experimenters and producers of media.

The Media Studio includes:

BlackMagic Design

A complete suite of BlackMagic Design products that includes:

  • Video monitors,
  • Fiber optic camera control,
  • Routing and distribution,
  • ATEM switchers with digital software control,
  • Capture and playback,
  • Disk recorders and storage,
  • And 4K studio cameras.

  • Mobile, 75” LED Smart TV

    For use as broadcast backdrop information panel, video-casting of lecture series, and in-studio teaching.

    Broadcast Desk

    Professional three-person news broadcast desk for the delivery of live or pre-recorded news, talk shows, demonstrations and more.

    Staging area

    Versatile stage for integrating news broadcasts, interviewing, video casting, green screening, and whatever else our students can imagine.


  • No-temperature (cool to the touch) LED free-standing pedestal lighting
  • Sennheiser wireless lavalier audio capture
  • Teleprompters that use iPads as backscreen for scripts
  • Vertical post studio camera pedestals
  • Live LED studio monitoring

  • We are also an “Apple House” in that we use:

    MacBook Pro

    as the Control Center for the studio cameras and quality control of ingested video.


    for post-production and ancillary control of audio and video quality of live broadcasts.


    for remote control of studio devices, management of scripting, teleprompter control and digital communication outside the studio.

    Apple TV

    for remote control of all Apple devices to the LED Smart TV.

    Final Cut Pro X

    for non-linear post-production.

    You interested? The need for media professionals is beginning to explode as those knowledgeable in the field becomes a necessity in all companies, education and government. Send us a note. Request further information.
    We are happy to answer your questions.